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  Guidelines for Conducting Exams at KFUPM
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  Registration info (Term 142)
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  All afternoon classes and laboratories will start and end  20 minutes earlier from 19th   October, 2014
  Course Offerings in Summer Term
  ENGL-EP is pre-requisite for ENGL 101 effective next term 142
  Steps to generate Degree Audit thru KFUPM Portal
  Registration Violations (Revised)
  The Final Version of KFUPM Study Regulations
  Increase of max load of UG students who are not on Good Standing Status
  Cancellation of Graduate Students CUM GPA recalculation rule effective Second Semester 102
  Bachelors Degree Program in City Planning
  Cancellation of Undergraduate Students CUM GPA recalculation rule effective First Semester 091
  Coop Program Registration at least one term before graduation
  Cancellation of 3-points waiver rule for Major GPA during Graduation
  Steps for submitting a request for Withdrawal from Course(s)
  Preparatory Year Instructions
  Steps for Preparatory Student’s Major Declaration
  نماذج من المسابقات الماضية لمكتب مسجل الجامعة
  Guidelines for Conducting Exams at KFUPM
  How to request transcripts from outside Dhahran
  Student Class Level Rule Table (By credit hours range)
  Course Drop Status
  Course Withdrawal Status
  تجربة التسجيل في جامعة الملك فهد للبترول والمعادن
  اتباع الأنظمه
  Registration Policy and Procedures
  Undergraduate Bulletin (2014)  (English, As of June 02, 2014)
  Undergraduate Bulletin (2006-2009) (English, As of June 06, 2006)
  Undergraduate Bulletin (2006-2009) (Arabic)
  Undergraduate Bulletin (2001-2003) (English)
  Graduate Bulletin (2003-2005) (English)
  Graduate Bulletin (2009-20011) (English)
  لائحة الدراسات والاختبارات للمرحلة الجامعية
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  Steps for Submitting Request for Room Reservation thru Web


Students who intend to drop/withdraw courses should return the books to the bookstore.
All courses registered outside the major (except one lowest level course) will be dropped.
If a Student is repeating a course in which he had previously earned a 'C' or better grade then this early registered course will be dropped.
If a Student is repeating a course in which he had previously earned a 'D' or 'D+' grade and gets a failing grade then he must repeat the course again.
Students with correct email address\Mobile no. have started getting important messages from the Registrar Office. So those students who have not yet entered/updated their email address/mobile no., kindly do so in order to avail this facility.
Graduate students who have registered their Thesis/Dissertation and are not defending in the current semester, should early register the Thesis/Dissertation again in the next semester.
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